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Systems road testing

In order to determine the true end-user experience it may be appropriate to conduct a road test of new hardware systems. In most instances WAT can setup a customer owned vehicle as a beta test unit. This allows us to fine tune the user experience by developing a standard for the rest of the fleet. Even if the fleet includes various vehicle models, personnel can conduct a “hands on” evaluation “live, on the road”. The experiences of your end-users are realized throughout the testing period addressing their expectations and allowing us to provide quicker results towards systems acceptance.

Systems bench testing

The manufacturers that we represent all maintain industry leading quality and performance using state-of-the-art testing facilities and equipment performed by highly trained personnel. We expect that and you expect that. But in the mobile computing environment multiple pieces of hardware work together as a system. Printers, scanners,modems, GPS, line amplifiers, cameras/video recorders, multiple antennas and more are all expected to work seamlessly, continuously, under light and heavy usage.

At WAT we want to know that all pieces of the puzzle not only work together well but setup and configure smoothly without jumping through a lot of hoops to make things work. All hardware and software components that we provide are tested standalone as well as part of a complete mobile system. We don’t want any surprises,especially when we are providing the installation.

On-site installation

Do Not bring your vehicle to us for systems installation! (we don’t have a fancy installation facility, yet) We are a totally outbound sales and service business. We are mobile systems experts so naturally we are mobile, always out and about. And that includes coming to you, your parking lot, your installation bay, your fire station,whatever your installation site may be to provide our professional services.

Many agencies assign multiple personnel to deliver vehicles to an outfitter many hours away. We think this is a waste to send trained emergency response personnel to pilot vehicles and adding to travel liability exposure. Most often we will send one integration technician to provide our services. They do not leave until all work is tested and personnel is trained. Your vehicle never leaves your sight. In doing so allows us to communicate progress and address issues that we may uncover and improve while we are already inside your vehicle.