Testimonials…what can we say? We love them. Our customer base has been built almost entirely through word of mouth marketing. We’ve encouraged our customers to refer business to us but we’ve never asked for anything in writing such as the following testimonials.

“As a consumer I rely a lot on product and services reviews, especially for those that I have never tried before. And as a business owner I am always supplying client references to new prospects.” – Dale Nakatani, V.P., Public Safety, WAT, Inc.

What better way to market yourself than to have others express their experiences with your company. And we are determined to make all of their experiences better than expected.

A big thank you to the agencies below for allowing us to share their thoughts.

“We worked with Dale of Wireless Access Technologies, Inc. to outfit our Patrol fleet with new laptops. WAT, Inc. performed the installation as well, on multiple make/model vehicles. Dale, whom we worked with, was terrific. He helped us with the planning and implementation to meet our officers needs for their MDC’s. The pricing was very comparable to other laptops and installation services, matching all government contract programs we use for purchasing. WAT Inc.’s installation work was top notch. Dale installed our laptops with great attention to detail and high quality work. I’m happy to recommend WAT, Inc. to other agencies/potential customers looking to purchase laptops and installation services.”
- Scott Kolzow, Auburn PD, City of Auburn
“I first met Dale while working as the captain at a station where he was installing our new General Dynamic MDT’s. I was first impressed with his professionalism and courteous nature, but as great as that is, it was soon overshadowed by his attention to detail and workmanship. I have worked on military and government installations over the years, and in those years I’ve seen a lot of people who work on everything from helicopters to C-130’s to very large airport rescue vehicles, and I have never seen anyone pay closer attention to the details of their work and how it will impact the entire system or vehicle than Dale. He installed the systems in our apparatus that cumulatively run nearly 8,000 calls a year. They have held up and have required little if any maintenance or repair. In fact, I cannot think of a single issue we have had with regards to the MDT or the mounting, any issues we have had has been with software. The hardware is bullet (firefighter) proof. While completing the installation on numerous apparatus, he was also able to easily troubleshoot other issues (related to electrical/wiring) we were having on apparatus. Very quickly the consensus was in from everyone in the department, if we need aftermarket electrical work to be done, Dale Nakatani needs to be the guy assigned.”
- Eric Nilson, Captain/Paramedic, Kennewick Fire Department